Taiwo Orbs

For the sake of every living thing and non living thing created in the genesis.

Look at me, I will never pee on your leg and tell you it;s raining.

And I'd warn you to never allow to anyone deceive you.

Well I know you are not a kid and you know what's best for you.

But wait!

If money doesn't buy happiness.

Does that mean you should allow poverty to embarrass your peace?

If you still don’t get it.

what I’m saying is.

There is nothing happier than being able to generate a stable income.

Without choking your friends for urgent help.

In other words, if you can simply make money by writing for local and foreign clients.

Then this means you will never have to beg anyone for urgent help.

Which also means your family and friends will respect you.



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Hell no! I will keep guiding you when the need arises.


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