Silence: Still the Best Answer
Published: Wed, 29/03/23



It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch with you.



No! I dare not forsake my tribe. Trust me!



It’s just that nature sometimes calls one to respond to a higher call of life discovery.



Like nature calls me into evangelism ministry right?



Not at all!



But do you know you’d be shocked to know there are so many people like this…



People who are truly called into….



Whatever it could be.



But the truth is….



You and I have got a call on our heads and we shouldn’t run away from it.



Do you agree?



Well, I can go and on to tell you the top 5 calls you have not been paying attention to but I won’t tell you today.






I’ll share this story with you.



One evening, I willingly left my smartphone at home while going out to repair a wristwatch at a junction about a 1.2km drive away from home.




Guess what happened on the road.




I couldn’t stress this more with words.



But I felt this solemn calmness that there was no need to run a security alertness check on my pocket every minute.



Furthermore, I enjoyed the cool breeze blowing on my face as the shuttle bus dashed and cruised on the road.



I noticed I read a particular signpost I never had the patience to read because there would always be a need to slide the notifications bar so I could reply to every WhatsApp message.



Heck!  I even meditated on the new book I plan to write despite the loud woofing voice of traffic.



And then I had this thought…….



Is excess entertainment not destroying the creativity our boredom could birth?



Or have we forgotten there is a need for us to be bored so we can think deeply to birth creativity?



My question is why do we always want to eliminate boredom whenever it sets in on us?



But why can’t an idle hand also be a creative workshop other than a devil’s workshop?



You know what? 


When you start embracing silence, solitude and space to think.



Then boring things would become absolutely beautiful.



Quite awkward yeah?



Well, if you are curious about the call I told you I received from nature. 



I would say it’s a call to reflect on self-awareness and personal growth, and it has been a reasonable and transformational practice for me.



See, there are so much more insights and discovered wisdom to share with you in my newsletters.



But…..let me ask you.



If nature calls you today, would you answer?



No! you don’t need to die before you answer nature’s call.




You only need to embrace silence, solitude and space to think for yourself.



Nothing more!



Do you have any specific questions about how to boost your business sales, how to make from writing or copywriting in general?



Hit reply and ask the question.



I’ll be waiting for your response by the way and help you generously without holding back.



So until then…



I’ll talk to you in a little while.



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